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On 1 September 2012 my son, Philip, started a petition AGAINST the “Australia We need Your Intervention To Stop White Genocide in South Africa” Petition. Click HERE to sign Philip’s petition and get on with your life.

I am proud to say that he has taken a firm stance against any form of racism and is a young man who is extremely principled.

Of course the crazies who firmly believe that the colour of their skin grants them the right to all sorts of privileges over others of a different colour are still amongst us. The fact that those who are urging Philip to withdraw his petition hide behind pseudonyms on social media sites such as Twitter leads me to believe that they are cowards and realise that they are indeed rabid racists. At least Julius Malema and his ilk wear their racism on their sleeves and don’t hide behind a pseudonym.

It saddens me no end that bright and talented kids have to suffer in order to redress the past imbalances. It saddens me no end that these kids could be and are lost to our country when we so desperately need their ‘unclouded by apartheid’ influence on South Africa. It saddens me that the only way our government has seen fit to redress the imbalances of the past is through the racist policies of BEE.

My late grandmother always used to say; “Remember when you point a finger you have at least three of your own pointing back at you.”

One of the haters giving Philip a hard time on Twitter would have done well to listen to my late grandmother as one of the values TryMy9mm espouses is this; “Affirmative Action is a Negative Reaction – Only racists consider race“. Newsflash idiot – by supporting a whites only policy / petition you are considering race and, by extension, are a racist.

But, I am inclined to agree with an image that TryMy9mm (not a very pacifistic, nation building name) posted which states; “Never underestimate the power of a politician willing to say and do anything to keep their job, ……” And, therein lies the rub – responsible citizens should be voluntarily educating fellow citizens and taking active part in selecting a set of politicians that will put this country first.

The media must also share the blame for taking the emotive issue of race and using it to further highlight the artificial apartheid clouded opinions of racist South Africans in order to sell newspapers. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day if all media elected to not identify and vilify South Africans based on race? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day if we focused only on excellence?

@ Exactly. So don’t tell me that one group is being mistreated over another. That is racism and doesn’t help our country.
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