An Experience of a Lifetime…

Hey Warriors!!!

Long time no post.  But in my defense – I have been really busy networking, doing research, etc. – all the things that make Extreme Boot Camp THE ULTIMATE BEST place to be for YOUR health, wellness and FUN, FEARLESS FABULOUS Fitness!!!

May I just say that I am humbled, inspired, motivated, emotional, in awe, and extremely taken by what I witnessed and experienced over this past weekend.  And trust me… It doesn’t get more military than this!

IMG_1192I have seen ordinary people do “stuff” that they never thought they would be able to do.  And when that realisation set in that they’re actually DOING these things and that they are able and capable of doing it, they suddenly can achieve so much more.  It was hard, and cold, and a long day at our “muddy” office – but at the end of the day all agreed that it was a FUN experience and we were all elated to be a part of it!!

It is an amazing thing to witness when people suddenly realise that their bodies are able to do obstacles; leopard crawl through mud underneath barbwire; run/swim through reeds; climb over HUGE piles of dirt; run through tires; jump over bales of hay so high you can’t see the other side; when they realise they can push so much harder than they’ve ever done before; run further and faster; persevere in the face of adversary; withstand the cold; live with being covered in mud – and then call it FUN!!!

This truly lives up to our mottos at Extreme Boot Camp being (1)  “Inspiration – Motivation – Determination!!” AND (2)  “Train like a Warrior”.

Unfortunately I cannot mention names; or tell you at this stage why we did what we did, those details will be revealed in another couple of weeks… JUST WAHTCH THIS SPACE….

Until next time WARRIORS… Stay strong; eat clean; train mean; and get lean!!!  And keep TRAINING LIKE A WARRIOR!!!


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