Hot weather aggravating water shortages for the Bay

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has advised that hot weather conditions forecast for the rest of the week will require renewed efforts by residents to use water sparingly.

The municipality said areas supplied by the Nooitgedagt Water Treatment Works (WTW) were already experiencing low water pressure and shortages.

The raw water input from the Scheepersvlakte Dam is not enough for the Nooitgedagt WTW to cope with the high water demand from its supply zone. This has resulted in Motherwell, Ibhayi, Chatty, Despatch and Uitenhage experiencing water supply difficulties.

“Residents and business in these areas could therefore experience low water pressure or water shortages as a result.

“The persistent extreme heat of the last few days has exacerbated the situation.”

The municipality said that Reservoir Hills in Despatch is the only Bay suburb affected by a lack of water supply due to its location and the high water consumption by residents from surrounding lower lying suburbs which prevent sufficient pressure to build up to restore supply to the area.

“The municipality has put plans in place to improve the situation, but improvement is dependent on the drastic reduction on current water consumption levels,” the Metro said.

“Indications are that the first week of the New Year will remain hot and therefore the Municipality is appealing to all residents, businesses and visitors to heed the call and use water sparingly as per water restriction notices.

Water leaks and abuse can be reported  to the municipality on 0800 20 50 50 or via