Kabega Road closed due to pipe burst

The Kabega Road in Framesby Extension has been closed for the next few weeks due to a burst pipe and subsequent water leak that has caused part of the road to collapse.

Ward councillor, Heinrich Muller, said the road has been closed for motorist between the Kabega /Avondale Road intersection up to the intersection of Van der Stel Street / Kabega Road.

“Motorist are requested not to use this section and please make use of a alternative route, except those residents that reside in these streets,” he said.

Muller said the municipality was currently attending to the problem and at this stage the residents will not be negatively effected with water supply to their properties, as the pipeline was a backup feed to the Lorraine area.

The pipe is believed to have cracked along the bottom, but due to its  age and size, there are no replacement sections in stock.  The road will be closed for the duration of the repair.

“We were informed that the road will be closed for 2/3 weeks for repair work.” said Muller.