Man arrested for murder in gang shootout in Central

A 34-year-old Eritrean national is in police custody for the alleged murder and attempted murders which took place during the early hours of, 4 January 2017.

It is alleged that at about 02:00, four males were at a night club in Parliament Street Central PE when an argument erupted. The suspects then pulled out a firearm and started shooting in the club. Two people were shot in the chest and leg respectively while the third victim was assaulted with the firearm. The suspects then left the club in a silver VW Polo. The scene was attended by the Provincial Gang Investigation Unit and cases of attempted murder were opened.

While police were still busy at the scene, they received information that the VW Polo was at a local hospital. Response was immediate and the vehicle was spotted near the Standford Road Bridge.

A 23-year-old male was found lying dead next to the vehicle. The deceased was later identified as Ghurcjen Fortuin, affiliated to the “Kakmakers” gang. He sustained a gunshot wound to the side of the chest. A case of murder is under investigation.

It is further alleged that on 4 January 2017 at about 04:00, the suspects were involved in another shooting at a tavern in Kleinskool, Bethlelsdorp where they allegedly fired shots at the house while the owner was asleep.

The owner retaliated by firing back at the suspects. Police have linked the shooting incident in Bethelsdorp and Parliament Street.

Police are on the manhunt for two more suspects and are appealing to anyone who can assist in the investigation to contact the Provincial Gang Investigation Commander, Lt Col Mike Grobler on 082 442 1825.

Any information supplied is strictly confidential and the caller has the choice to remain anonymous. #CrimeStop can also be contacted on 08600 10111.