Man arrested in Hankey drug bust

Police nabbed a 49-year-old man with 24 mandrax tablets and 6.3 kilograms of dagga after acting on information in Hankey.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majola Nkohli, said police had received received information that a man was selling drugs in a shack situated in Stof Wolk informal settlement in Hankey.

“A search warrant was obtained to search the premises, and police searched the premises. During the search, police discovered and confiscated 24 mandrax tablets, dagga stuffed in drums, plastic bags and wrapped in papers together with cash in a box.

Nkohli said the estimated street value of the drugs was R28 050.

The suspect will appear in Hankey Magistrates Court today, Monday 16 January 2017 on charges of dealing in mandrax and dagga.

Hankey Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ezrah Sefaley said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the community of Hankey for standing up against the use of illegal drugs.  A stance they took to report drug posts is commendable.  Members are also commended for their swift and quick response that led to the arrest.”