2016 Comrades Winner, Charne Bosman shares top training tips

2016 Comrades Winner, Charne Bosman shares top training tips in the build up to The Music Run™ by Old Mutual

Signing up to run a 5km race is the perfect way to kick-start a fitness routine. It’s a rewarding and fun distance to race. For many first time runners the initial training routine can seem intimidating, but don’t worry – here is a plan to get you run-ready in no time.

With The Music Run™ by Old Mutual, the Ultimate 5K Running and Music Festival, set to take place in less than a month, 2016 Comrades marathon winner and multiple South African champion, Charne Bosman, shared five tips to help make training for a 5K more manageable and fun.

  1. No excuses!: Dedication and commitment to your training routine is essential. I would suggest training three or four days a week. Start off with 3km and increase your distance by 10% with every run until you build to the race distance.
  2. H20 – your new BFF: Your body cannot function at optimal level without water, so drink plenty of it! Stay away from liquids such as milk and avoid eating just before a race or run.
  3. Show your muscles some love: Warming up: I would recommend a dynamic warm up, it activates the muscles you use during your workout so start off with a light jog, do lunges and loosen up your muscles by doing squats. Cooling down: I would suggest a slow jog again, and some light stretches to avoid the muscles from stiffening up. I would set aside 10 minutes after a run or training session.
  4. Start slower and finish stronger: This was my strategy for the Comrades last year and I
    definitely think the same applies for a 5km race. Start conservatively so that you run the second half of the race more effectively. Instead of burning all your fuel early, save some of that energy and finish strong, that way you gain confidence which will motivate you. I would recommend doing this not only on race day but throughout your training.
  5. Music: Music and running go hand in hand. I listen to a variety of music genres when training from Enya (classical) to Ellie Goulding (pop). Music serves as a great motivation when training and when you’re doing 60km on your own it can get pretty lonely, so I would definitely recommend a solid playlist to keep you pumped.

Hosted at Riversands Farm Village on Saturday 4 February 2017, The Music Run™ by Old Mutual will offer South Africans an unparalleled experience and is set to attract thousands of participants.

The Music Run™ empowers participants to control the soundtrack of the run by voting for their favourite songs in the build-up to the event. The playlist, powered by YFM, is available online (themusicrun.com/events/Johannesburg) for you to Listen to, Vote for and Share your favourites. Songs with the most votes make the official run playlist. On event day, runners experience the world’s Loudest 5K running course, known as ‘The Soundtrack’. More than 120 speakers pump out the most popular songs across five interactive and music themed zones – pop, rock, old school, hip hop and dance. The run will end with the ultimate after-run music festival, which includes world class DJs, dancers, laser lights, LED screens, chill out zones, giveaways and plenty more.

To register for the event, visit TicketPro or TheMusicRun.com. Entry fee is R250 and includes a race T-Shirt. Kids under 5 participate for free.

For more information please visit TheMusicRun.com website, Facebook page, Twitter feed or YouTube channel